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Home Staging: Taming of the View

LAST time our ‘good taste guide’ hopefully left you craving a few answers about staging your home for sale … and here they are. When your just living life, enjoying the cosy bubble that is your home then … hey … anything goes. But when it comes to staging...

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Better Homes and Turn-offs

HANDS up all of you who think you’ve been blessed by the good taste gods. Well the truth of the matter is, good taste is in the eye of the beholder … and when you invite a bunch of beholders to view your home (and hopefully buy it) …...

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It’s Game on for Home Buyers

IF you’re that somebody we’ll see wandering through open inspections … not quite there … but with ear buds firmly planted so that you don’t miss one moment of a footy match, this blog is for you. Actually, it’s for ALL prospective home buyers. However, with the 2019 AFL...

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