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IRUSIA’s personal motto is “I work harder”. Isn’t that exactly what you want to hear when you’re sizing up agents to potentially sell your property?
In this challenging market, cost of living pressures are real … and so is Irusia when it comes to selling your property.
Forget the churn and burn philosophy of house selling (agents who need to make lots of sales to draw a decent wage from their employers) … Irusia will take the time to get to know you, your situation and stresses … she will work for YOU.
Irusia’s philosophy for success revolves around the client and providing a tailored marketing approach … rather than a one-size fits all campaign.

Value for The Vendor
You won’t be left wondering what your commission is covering … Irusia is committed to providing value. She will never take the easy road … or the first offer … she will always go back for more.
An impressive line-up of life experience has contributed Irusia’s creativity, communication skills and work ethic.
For the past 15 years she’s been living her passion for property … earning the respect of clients and peers along the way.
Life before real estate included working in food and hospitality. In a previous life as an international wine trader, Irusia studied for a Master of Wine … the most prestigious title in the industry achieved by less than 400 people over its 66-year history.

Outcome Focused
Those daunting odds didn’t temper Irusia’s tenacity back then … and these days her clients benefit from that determination to take on even the toughest targets.
Irusia’s focus on outcomes … and always striving for more … is bestowed on everyone she works for.
Irusia has a Swiss background and speaks four languages. By now, she must sound like an International Woman of Mystery … however, Irusia is down-to-earth, direct and honest.
Importantly, she relates to people from all walks of life … and she dedicates herself to delivering exceptional outcomes that leaves all clients feeling good about their sale.

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