An Egg-cellent Time for Pre-sale Home Makeovers!

An Egg-cellent Time for Pre-sale Home Makeovers!

WHATEVER your Easter ritual, if you are putting your property on the market the long weekend is your opportunity to shine like the wrappers on those chocolate eggs.

As well as an excuse to send your blood sugar level right up, the Easter break gives you a decent amount of time to elevate your homes presentation with a makeover or two.

Plenty of time for the paint to dry between coats … for arguments to be fought over what to keep and what to throw out … and even time for the odd nap between tasks.

So, let’s make a list!

1. De-clutter … it’s one of the best things you can do when selling. Rooms will immediately feel roomier and prospective buyers will be happy that they can see exactly what they are buying.

2. Pare back the amount of furniture and play around with placement to make the most of floor space.

3. Whatever is left behind should ideally be clean and undamaged so look for holes in walls that need plugging and flawed floors that could benefit from stylish rug.

4. If walls are looking a big dingy in general, or rooms are a little dark, give them a lift with paint. White is easy to work with and always does the trick.

5. Once everything is looking a little naked carefully reintroduce some colour hits with a manchester-led makeover. The right cushions and bedding can make a big difference. Just don’t overdo it.

6. Daggy kitchen or bathroom tiles can also get an easy makeover with tile paint … and the same goes for kitchen benchtops. This is the weekend you could well fall in love with laminate paint!

7. Kitchen cupboards can also get a lift with new handles … the same goes for any handles around the home.

8. If a room isn’t too small or cluttered and has a focal point that could be highlighted, such as a bedhead or fireplace, it could benefit from a feature wall (it can be subtle or bold).

On The Outside

1. The first impression is important and if your front door is outdated consider replacing it (preferably with one that lets some light in) and power clean any dirty walls or paths.

2. Plenty of time to hide chocolate … and for a garden tidy up … with autumn being the perfect time of the year to do so. Prune unruly trees and shrubs, lose the weeds … and finish things off nicely with some mulch.

3. Still in the garden … and fill in a few bare spaces with potted plants (you can take them with you) … or edible gardens are all the rage so if you have room include a raised garden bed and fill in with more mature vegetables.

Hop to It and Prepare Early

Now that we have inspired you do get your hands dirty and your old shirts splattered with paint, a warning that these plans could all fall asunder if you are not prepared.

Hardware stores and the like report that the Easter long weekend is one of their busiest, so if you need any reno-related goods you should be planning now. (Good Friday is the only day most will be closed).

Make sure you organise packing boxes, book that skip, trailer, hire equipment or storage space in plenty of time to avoid any shortages.

If you are still standing back, munching on a hot cross bun or chocolate bunny (the stores HAVE been tempting us since Christmas!) and scratching your head over where to start, get in touch with Irusia today!

Irusia can cast a critical eye and fill your basket with achievable ideas to maximise your sale price.

Call +61 414 640 115 or email  Irusia and she’ll get you started.