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Advice for Owner Builders

An owner builder is someone who decides to build and oversee the construction of their property themselves. You don’t need any formal trade qualifications to be an owner builder. You can choose to do all the work yourself, or employ contractors to do all or some of the work....

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​Safety Regulations Around the Home

Brush fences A brush fence is a fence or gate that is primarily constructed of brush such as broombrush. Building requirements for brush fences Brush fences in close proximity to dwellings are fire hazards that pose a risk to the safety of occupants. There are safety requirements 796.1 KB for new...

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Rules, Regulations & Information

Technical Building Rules for Construction Work No development, including building work, can be undertaken in South Australia without an appropriate development approval being obtained from the relevant authority after an application and assessment process. In most cases the relevant authority is the local council. The framework for development assessment and for building...

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