Why Not Go With A “Flat-Fee All Inclusive” Selling Agent?

Why Not Go With A “Flat-Fee All Inclusive” Selling Agent?

Vendors nowadays expect agents to be available and answer the phones 24/7. The latest technologies are a given and  are now available to all agents. Beware the e agent that offers a flat fee inclusive of marketing. This should ring alarm bells as third party suppliers such as Internet portals,sign writers and  photographers all charge for their services. If they include marketing in a flat fee you will lose out: You will have no control over how your home is presented.

Would you let your most valuable asset be sold by a flat-fee salesperson? What kind of effort can you expect on their behalf? What is their marketing style? What is the style of their office and marketing and what type of buyers does it attract – emotion-driven or investors?

Perhaps it’s more relevant to determine the profile of the agent rather than the commission fee or scale. For example, a prestige property being sold by on only one portal on p16 may send a message to potential buyers that you’re a desperate vendor trying to cut corners and save a bob or two.

As with all things in life, there is no black or white, but many shades of grey. The most important aspects of selling your home are to first choose the presentation and style of the agenct, discuss the level of service appropriate to the particular property, and then talk about the fee for service.

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