Let’s Get This Wrapped Up!

Let’s Get This Wrapped Up!

10 December 2019

SHOULD you be putting your house on the market over Christmas and New Year?

Apart from being an excellent excuse to avoid hosting the all-in family gathering (you’ll have far too much on your plate) … consider this: Boxing Day is the busiest for browsers of real estate websites.

Just think of those potential buyers … stuck in that comfy chair …. still nursing a food coma … possibly sizing up your abode as the ideal place to recover next Christmas.

So if you think the holidays are a bad time to list, think again. Potential buyers haven’t all left town for the summer and for some there’s added end-of-year incentive … people who want to be in their new home by the time school starts … and those with work or military transfers who want to get sorted as soon as possible as well.

Apart from public holidays … when Irusia likes developing, and then recovering from, a food coma as much as the next festive person … she will most certainly have her sensible shoes at the ready … for those serious buyers who will have more time to inspect your property.

It is a relaxed, happy time of the year when you can show your home off at its best but if it is a hot day, make sure the house is cool for open inspections… at least leave the air con on until just before time. If you have a pool, make sure it is looking perfect … and forget about dazzling with the best Christmas lights in the ‘hood (it will be hectic enough anyway).

If you’re serious about selling you should have done a serious declutter by now … don’t go changing that up with Christmas bling overload.

There’s no problem at all with a little Christmas spirit, just keep it stylish and impersonal … definitely just a few presents under the tree. People want to imagine how they will celebrate Christmas there … not be transplanted into yours.

If you are keen to get your house sold … and want house hunters to find a highly qualified, dedicated agent under your oh so tasteful tree … contact Irusia now. She’ll have you listed and ready for sale faster than you can say New Year’s Resolution!