Styling Your Home for Sale

Magnificent Mad March! Adelaide has been open for inspection to the world, selling itself with festivals and fast cars.

There’s inspired fabulousness at every corner but if you’re preparing to put your property on the market, please resist the urge to take that vibe home with you!

This is not the time to get your styling tips from Hans ... or to fine tune your V8 inspired family room.

Of course, not everyone is a follower of the glam (gaudy) or ‘garagy’, but ask yourself, is your home something of shrine to your personal pursuits or style … be that collecting snow globes ... displaying every darts trophy you have ever won ... or even ‘plastering’ your walls with family portraits? Some of us simply have decades worth of ‘stuff’ that life has presented us.

Where to begin

More often than not preparing your property for sale begins with a declutter.

Sure, your home needs to look fabulous and inviting, but it needs to appeal to a wide range of people with an equally wide range of tastes. Quite simply, prospective buyers want to see themselves living there they don’t want to be distracted by seeing it has someone else’s home.

They also want to see the space they would have to work with and get their own inspiration on how to use it. When it comes to decluttering it’s important to start early … and as hard as it may be, to put your emotions to one side. The fact is most people do find this process overwhelming and time consuming.

Mastering a makeover

If you’ve already decided to give you home a bit of a makeover before you sell it’s equally important to put the brakes on the bling. Keep any big changes simple and neutral.

If some minor improvements are more your speed, there could be any number of small touch ups or fixes that can go a long way to make a good impression on potential buyers.

You are not alone

Wow … that’s is some To Do List. Will it really be worth all the bother? The answer is a resounding OTT Yeeees! Presenting your house properly can add big dollars to your final sale price.

If you need some help deciding what you should do, ask an expert. Irusia is a long-time class act on the Adelaide real estate scene … she knows what sells houses. Irusia will see your house through impartial eyes and give you all the guidance you need. Selling your house will be one of the most important performances of your life … so make it a show-stopper for the right reasons.

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