Selling Up IS Spooky!

Selling Up IS Spooky!

22nd October 2019

There’s no doubt selling your home is scary and stressful. The last thing you need is an extra distraction.

So, along comes this thing called Halloween … promising to inject a whole lot of fun into another kind of spooky. (and not everyone is a fan)

If you are a fan … or you have kids who are turning the pressure up for you to deliver the demonic décor … what to do?

Halloween does fall on a Thursday … so if you’re on board the ghoul train … confine the cobwebs, giant spiders, ghosts, ghouls, skeletons and witches to that one day. Sweep them all away by your weekend open!

Or if you want to take a punt on a Halloween open house … sure, you can entice families with a promise of treats for the kids … otherwise keep it subtle! A few tastefully-places pumpkins with decorative carvings (no scary faces) would get the point across just fine.

It’s a timely reminder that the outside of your home is super important … yes, first impressions … street appeal … do count.

So deal with chipping or faded paint … keep the windows clean and fix any glaring damage … make the most of spring by presenting your garden at its healthiest, blooming best (and mow the lawn) … make sure footpaths and driveways pass muster. And clear the cobwebs … real or fake!

Whatever your deal, you need an agent who gets to know you … and works with your circumstances. Irusia is not even a little bit scary … so please get in touch!