Vote 1 … for Selling Your House Now

Vote 1 … for Selling Your House Now

Let’s talk about the upcoming Election. Or … let’s NOT!

Instead, let’s talk about the most important campaign … your plan to put your home on the market.

This is a time of some uncertainty … mostly for investors waiting on the fate of negative gearing … for the rest, life goes on and there’s no need to put your plans on hold while the nation decides.

There are many house hunters out there who would sooner put pen to paper on a contract than navigate a pencil over a voting paper.

Put Your Life Up For Sale

Sell a lifestyle, not just a house, by pointing out the perks your neighborhood has to offer … close to shops, schools and transport are the obvious ones … but think further afield about what recreation, entertainment, health facilities and the like are on your doorstep and paint a picture with words of how you enjoy them.

By doing this, potential buyers can picture the life they will lead by putting your roof over their heads.

This isn’t about spin … it’s about presenting them with a home that is perfectly functional AND presents as a lifestyle choice.

Your home’s best features must be front and centre.

Okay, so you’ve done your best, but Home Beautiful won’t be beating down your door to feature a double page spread on your house … in which case it becomes even more critical to showcase its best exterior and interior features.

Decide what those are and make sure they feature prominently … is it an amazing outdoor entertaining area … a killer bathroom … or an amazing garden? They should be used in your signs and as the main pictures in your advertising.

Again, it’s not about spin. It’s about getting people to fall in love with a feature of your home so that nothing else is seen as insurmountable.

Signs, signs everywhere are signs

While you can’t go stapling your flyer to every Stobie pole (imagine if everyone did?) the right agent will make sure you’re covered by factoring in your budget, the market and your home’s location … to make sure you reach people who would be interested in your home.

There are more marketing methods than ever before … and it’s important to go over all options with your agent to tailor what suits your property best and not only get the right reach but maximise your sale price as well.

You can also get some free action with a bit of networking on social media.

So, get planning to woo your potential buyers … campaign without fear or favour … and have a great campaign manager working strategy for you. (That would be Irusia. Call +61 414 640 115 or email now!)