Warm Up To the Winter Real Estate Market

Warm Up To the Winter Real Estate Market

SO, it’s business as usual after the events of May 18 (we’re not going to use the E word!) Let’s sweep that one away, along with the autumn leaves, move on, and turn our attention to Winter.

Sun lovers may not be too fussed about the W word either, but if you’re thinking of selling your property, we’re here to light a toasty little fire under you.

For many of us, winter means … shut the front door … crank up the heating … binge watch … binge read … get cosy with the slow cooker (binge eat) … and it’s fair to think that everyone is on the same page!

It’s the worst time to expect prospective buyers to cross your frosty threshold, right?

Wrong! There are plenty of genuine buyers who are happy to keep looking for their dream property come rain or shine. 

Best Time to Sell

There has never been a better time to sell. Ignore those chilly days … here are a few hot reasons why:

  • The property market almost always gains momentum after a “Big E”. Buyers who waited to see what would happen are ready to buy. 
  • New buyers are entering the market every day and with the current undersupply of homes on the market, there is strong demand.
  • A post-election market won’t last forever.  In coming months, stock numbers will quickly grow to meet buyer demand.  Prices won’t be as good because buyers will have more choices. 

Create Your Best Version of a Winter Wonderland

It really does make sense to get on the front foot and list now. The trick is to make sure house hunters warm to your home at a time when the outdoor environment can be a little bleak.

We’re fortunate in Adelaide. This won’t meaning having to clear a path through the snow to the front door. There are a few simple things you should do:

  • Keep the temperature inside comfortable so that people are happy to linger. If you have a wood fire, get it crackling for that unbeatable cosy feel. (make sure it’s safe for any children who have come along with house hunters).
  • Check for any draughts or leaks and make sure they are fixed before you show people through.  
  • Things like heating, insulation and lighting can help show off how warm and inviting your home can be.
  • Let in the light by opening blinds, shutters and drapes (make sure windows are clean). If there are still dark spots in rooms turn on a couple of lights. (a couple of lights behind furniture can give off a great vibe).
  • It’s a great time to showcase rooms that take advantage of the warm winter sun … and a view to a nice green garden and lawn is also enticing. (the grass is always greener in winter).

Get Started Now

The bottom line is … this IS your time to make a great sale. Irusia loves winter and can go through some proven marketing plans and discuss your options.  Call +61 414 640 115 or email now!)